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Quick system update as the Football Season starts to quickly approach. We have made a few changes to the STORM Notification system this year. If you choose to have your notifications turned on, you can now choose to receive notifications for various tasks such as when a new locker begins to upload or download, when the task is complete, when the task is at 50%, etc.

The biggest change in the system for the upcoming season is that these notifications are handled by our servers rather than your personal STORM machine. This means that you will receive notifications even if your machine is turned off.

Here is a quick example. If another school clicks to download a locker from you, you will get the notification that the download has started. If your STORM computer is off and the transfer doesn’t happen right away, you may not get further notifications. The exception to this is when STORM looks elsewhere on the Network for that locker and downloads it from other sources. When this occurs, you will get notifications on the progress/completion if it is able to do so.

Be sure to update STORM to the latest version to get this notification system update.

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