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We have added a few new features to our Team Connect Suite that we wanted to share with all of you. These updates and enhancements have been made within DragonFly Connect (Production) and RoadTrip (iPad application) to help you with developing and sharing video and Playbooks with your team.

Note: For all these updates make sure you are on Connect Version 4.0.5002.29541 and RoadTrip Version 2.8.

DragonFly Connect Features

  • Copy Pages: You can now copy individual pages from one Playbook to another. This eliminates having to upload pages that already exist within other Playbooks.
  • Send Individual Plays: When sending an edit to a Playbook or to BLAST, you will now be prompted whether to send the entire edit or to select particular plays within that edit to send.


DragonFly RoadTrip Features

  • Video & Note Indexes: There are now alphabetical note and video indexes for the Playbook. These additions are located where the page and bookmark index currently resides.
  • Telestration Auto-Erase: After you pause and telestrate on your video, RoadTrip will now automatically erase your drawings as the video begins to play again. This helps assist telestration during meetings and film review.


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