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We are pleased to announce that our new STORM Remote is fully launched. As mentioned in our “Sneak Peek” post, the STORM Remote allows you to control STORM from any mobile device. With the launch, we wanted to give you a quick description of the Remote and what you can expect from it as the season quickly approaches.

STORM Remote iPad

To use the STORM Remote, go to You will be prompted to then log-in to your STORM Network and choose your STORM computer. Once you have logged in, you now have the ability to control your STORM Network from virtually anywhere.

The four tabs are how you will navigate through the STORM Remote: Lockers, Downloads, Transfer, and Network. Below is a quick description of each section:

  • Lockers: View all of your Lockers in your STORM Network. You can also choose what Sport you would like to view if you control more than one in your Network. Lastly, this is where you will be able to “Send, Convert, Export and see the History” of Lockers.
  • Downloads: View all of the Downloads within your Network. Additionally, you can “Convert & Export”.
  • Transfers: View all of the Transfers within your Network and their details.
  • Network: View the Lockers of other Universities. This is where you will be able to “Invite and set-up Permissions” for exchanging video.

The STORM Remote is tested to work on the iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, iPad, Nook, Kindle Fire, all common PC and Mac computers and more. Check back soon for some “FAQs” on the STORM Remote.

If you have any questions, contact our Support Team at

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