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We are excited to release the newest update to DragonFly Connect – which now includes a free video player. With the addition of the video player, you can now preview and watch your edits, along with the capability to view your video in the Cloud directly from Connect. You can also now access Connect and the Player from Windows 8 tablets like the Surface Pro – giving you a similar experience to RoadTrip on the iPad.


  • Free Video Player System
  • Can use in place of Windows Media Player, VLC and others
  • Simple – Plays and scrubs virtually any video file
    •  MP4, 720p, 1080i, MXF, wmv, avi, mts, asf, pl2, xvid, divX, dvd, vob and most other consumer formats
  • Integrates with your Editing System
    • Easily preview what’s converting on Game Day or sending to the Cloud
  • Streams or Plays Locally
    • Download video locally to your computer or Windows tablet, allowing your video to be available even if you are offline; playing from your local disk instead of the internet
  • On-Screen Play Data Overlay
  • Tailored for a Surface Pro and Touchscreen PC
  • Coaches USB Remotes and Xbox Remote Compatible for PC
  • ikan Elite Remote Compatible for the Tablets
  • Great Olympic Sports and Scouting Solution



To download the Connect Player, visit Once Connect is open, you will see a “Player” button in the top left corner. Simply click that button, and the Player will launch (You also have the option to make the DragonFly Connect Player your default video player on your computer in place of Windows Media Player, etc.). Drag and drop virtually any video format in which you can then scrub using your keyboard and/or your Coaches USB Remote and Xbox Remote.

Connect Player (Image)