Storm MAX Team Connect Suite
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  1. Go to
  2. Enter your username and password
  3. Click enter
  4. You now have access to your video


  1. Access your video by clicking on the folder (left side of screen)
  2. Folders will be divided by team names
  3. Click the game you want to view
  4. You may stream video simply by clicking play
  5. You may also download video to your Mac or PC by using the download tab and selecting the format you’d like for the video


  1. Forward arrow: Fast forwards video
  2. Back arrow: Rewinds videos
  3. The (II) button or spacebar pauses video
    • While playing, the video will move forward/backwards at 3x the speed
    • While paused, the video will move forward/backwards by frames
  4. To full full screen, click the button toward the bottom right of the video screen or double-click on the video
  5. You may click on the video progress bar to move to any point of the video
    • When the video progress bar is red your video is downloaded and will play instantaneously
  6. The [and] buttons represent mark in and mark out
    • You can mark in and out within an already listed edit
  7. Edit clips are listed in the light grey areas across the bottom of your screen
  8. These will be saved to your “My Inbox” folder