Storm MAX Team Connect Suite
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DragonFly has a variety of different products to help with your daily workflows in your organization. Below is a list of our products:



DragonFly STORM is the most advanced exchange solution in the market, revolutionizing the way universities execute video exchange. It allows universities the ability to stay connected and easily receive Game Day video in a quick, secure and efficient way.



CONNECT is a free and simple conversion tool gives you the ability to convert any content to a suitable format needed for your team. Connect also allows you to have full integration with all files, documents, video and editing systems like DVSport, XOS and BATS.

BLAST is a web-based solution allowing your team to have simple and convenient access to your video. You are no longer limited to the office, extending your network to be available where YOU are, simplifying your life and increasing your effectiveness.

RoadTrip is an iPad-based application allowing your team to have secure mobile access to your video. Coaches, players and staff can easily view film immediately post-game, which allows them to get ahead in preparation for the next game. A key feature within RoadTrip is the ability to have offline capabilities allowing your team to watch film in locations without Internet access. The RoadTrip application works on the iPad and iPad Mini.

Within RoadTrip is a section where you can house your Playbooks and other documents. The Playbook is a place where teams can streamline all of their content in one location. Coaches can easily connect with their players through the push of a button sending information directly to the player’s iPads. Upload any Playbook or document that meets your team’s needs.