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“DragonFly has really been a great vehicle for our conference video exchange.  With fantastic accessibility and ease of operation, DragonFly Blast has revolutionized the way MAAC member institutions view and share video.  In addition, the cloud-based system provides a great catalog of on-demand video for conference staff and officials – video that has been invaluable for education, review and the creation of highlight clips for the MAAC website.”

Richard J. Ensor
Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference

“These iPads are ridiculous, and you really can get stuff on those iPads for your staff and team quickly. You can blow through tapes much faster and with less frustration, where you press a button and it goes too far ahead. I mean, they’ve (DragonFly) got it down to a science, so it is much easier.”

John Calipari
Men’s Head Basketball Coach
University of Kentucky

“DragonFly Blast has played a major role within our program. Many of our coaches and players access their video content through Blast allowing them to review and watch games anywhere at anytime. It particularly helped us a great deal during our preseason training camp.”

Bob Marcus
Director of Video
Minnesota Vikings

“STORM did a superb job with SEC Volleyball. DragonFly keeps making a great system even better!”

Debbie Corum
Associate Commissioner/Sport Administration
Southeastern Conference

“Using STORM this past season has given me the best of both worlds. I have been able to keep my coaches and GA’s happy by having the stuff ready to go first thing in the morning on Sundays, but better yet I am able to spend that precious Sunday morning with my family and comes in a little bit later on in the day.”

Luke Goldstein
Former CSVA President & Video Director
University of Virginia

“DragonFly STORM enables us to efficiently and quickly exchange video with all of our conference institutions. The DragonFly support crew is always available to answer any questions we have. I highly recommend STORM.”

Ben Tario
Director of Football & Multimedia Operations
Atlantic Coastal Conference

“We are really enjoying using DragonFly so far this season, it has made our jobs so much easier and tape exchange even more beneficial to our program.”

Jennifer Sullivan
Women’s Basketball Assistant
University of Memphis

“I really enjoyed using STORM, that says it all.”

Bobby Blevins
Video Coordinator
Tennessee Tech University

“I know that by having games on the network ready to go early Sunday morning, I have spent more time at home Sunday morning, and even some time on the golf course.”

Joe Harrington
Director Video Services
University of Tennessee

“DragonFly STORM has made a huge difference for us. I am amazed at its speed and how simple it is to use. We installed STORM on an existing computer and were up and running in a matter of minutes sending and receiving full, uncompressed video. DragonFly STORM changed the way I work. I can’t imagine life without it.”

Gary Foxworth
Director of Video Operations
University of Kentucky

“I love the STORM.”

Bill Lynch
Director of Football Operations

“The way we could upload video into the program was amazing. I especially like the priority that can be given to each download.”

Holly Graham Watts
Associate Head Volleyball Coach
University of Arkansas

“DragonFly STORM played a major role in Conference USA entering the state of art way of exchanging scouting and officiating football video. Kirk Miller and his team continue to be there for our constituents to address the nuances of football video in our conference.”

Alfred White
Associate Commissioner
Conference USA

“The system is GREAT, It is fast and produces a very high quality video. I would just as soon never use Fed Ex again.”

Nick Cheronis
Associate Head Coach
University of Florida

“STORM has streamlined our review process and I am now a full day ahead of where I used to be. STORM is the only solution that works for us and all our schools and all our sports.”

Ben Godwin
Director of Championships and Marketing
Southeastern Conference

“DragonFly worked with me, as the administrator on the site to customize the solution based on several of my requests. DragonFly created a solution that best fit my workflow.”

Jay Reid
Coordinator Video
Big Ten Conference

“DragonFly STORM installed on our existing hardware. They worked closely with our IT staff to make sure we had the fastest, most reliable transfer possible.”

Doug Aucoin
Video Coordinator
Louisiana State University

“DragonFly works great for me because with other systems you have to capture and then compress before the video uploads, plus in STORM you have ODK all in one package.”

William Brown
Video Coordinator
Middle Tennessee State University

“Our member institutions thoroughly investigated numerous options in transitioning to internet video exchange for football. The DragonFly STORM system was their clear choice and it has proven to be an effective solution for the Mountain West Conference.”

Bret Gilliland
Deputy Commissioner
Mountain West Conference

“Kirk and the staff at DragonFly has been a tremendous help with BYU and the MWC. STORM is easy t use, efficient and quickly transfers film. The support staff was patient at walking us through the process and quickly resolved any concerns we had. I am blown away by STORM and their exceptional service. It’s awesome!”

Matt Blackner
Video Coordinator

“STORM is cutting edge. STORM gives us the advantage of an extra day of game preparation letting us thoroughly prepare our team. If you are not using STORM, you need to see how the STORM will benefit your program.”

Craig Skinner
Head Volleyball Coach
University of Kentucky

“The customer service provided for STORM is phenomenal. I’ve called at some odd times (3:00AM on a Sunday morning, for instance) and have never gotten an answering machine. STORM is the perfect trading system. There is no quality loss, and download speeds are fast. Why isn’t everyone using STORM?”

Travis Detillier
Assistant Director of Video Operations
Tulane University