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What are the computer requirements for STORM?

Here are the specs we recommend when doing any video conversion:

  1. Processor: Core 2 – Third Gen I7 Processor (8 Cores – 3.06GHz)
  2. RAM: 8 GB
  3. Operating System: Windows 7 X64
  4. Primary OS Drive: 1 20 GB or larger SSD (Solid State Drive) – with at least 20 GB free
  5. Vault Drive: 2 TB DragonFly Vault (Dedicated 7200RPM)
  6. For GPU Acceleration: an nVidia GTX 680 video card (or a GTX 690)

How do I download Dragonfly?

Dragonfly may be downloaded from our website.  To download Dragonfly: 

  1. Go to
  2. Click Login
  3. Click Run Dragonfly (or Get STORM)
  4. Select Video Distribution Network when it asks

How do I invite a guest?

To invite a guest to Dragonfly:

  1. Search for the school you want to invite on the left side of STORM
  2. Click Invite a Guest
  3. Input the email address of the person your inviting
  4. Guest invites are active for 7 days from the day they are sent and as many as needed can be sent

What do I do if our ports are blocked?

Your IT staff needs to open TCP ports 80 & 60011 in both incoming and outgoing directions.

Possible causes of blocked ports:

  1. Firewall (most likely)
  2. Intrusion Detection System
  3. Virus Scanner
  4. NAT routing to multiple IP addresses

How do I upload a game to Dragonfly STORM?

Step-by-step how to upload: 

  1. Click New Locker at the top of Storm
  2. Give the locker a name
  3. Click Add File or AddVideoDVD (if it is a DVD your adding then click AddVideoDVD)
  4. Click OK  (your locker will under My Lockers)

I loaded STORM but there are no lockers appearing for any school, what does this mean?

This means catalogs need to refresh.  Any time this happens please do the following:

  1. Click Refresh Catalogs
  2. Allow Storm to sit open for 60 minutes.
  3. Catalogs generally update in 5-10 minutes but can take up to 60 minutes.

How do I use STORM?

Below are four videos that you can reference at any time if you have questions about the basics of STORM. These videos focus on the installation of STORM; creating, downloading and sending lockers; exporting and converting; and permissions and invitations.

Watch the “Installing STORM” Video Here

Watch the “Create, Send, Download Lockers” Video Here

Watch the “Exporting and Converting” Video Here

Watch the “Permissions and Invitations” Video Here


How do I set paths for the STORM Remote?

  1. In STORM, open Options & Settings
  2. In the window that opens, you will see a section at the bottom called Remote Access and Defaults
  3. For Exports, click browse next to the Folder box and set the location you want your Exports to go.
  4. Follow ‘Step 3’ for Conversions as well.
  5. You will also see a format drop down. If you enable Automatic Conversions, this is where you will choose what format they will convert to. You do not have to enable Automatic Conversions to use the STORM Remote.

Note: If may take a few minutes for these settings to take affect in the STORM Remote. A message will appear once the set-up is complete.

How to set-up the Bluetooth Remote for RoadTrip

Follow the instructions in the link provided to learn how to set-up the ikan Elite Remote to RoadTrip.

ikan Elite Remote Guide