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Make sure that your shuttle drive is formatted correctly and has the correct file permissions set.

When using a portable USB drive as a “shuttle” drive between computers, a common problem is that the drive will have file permissions set which do not allow you to access the drive. This is common on networks where some computers are on a campus network controlled by a technology department and other computers are on private network editors controlled by the video staff. These two separate networks typically have different user accounts. When you format the drive on a computer attached to one of the networks, the file security on the drive does not allow the other computer to work with it. This may cause storm to be unable to write video onto this drive.

Here are the steps to set up your portable drive so you do not encounter this problem:

  1. Connect your portable drive to the computer
  2. Open my computer and select the portable USB drive
  3. Right click and click format. You should then select ntfs as the file system. Under “allocation unit size” select the largest number available, typically 4k or 64k, then select “quick format’

You are now halfway there. Next you need to ensure that the file permissions are set to allow you to move the drive. The goal of these next steps is to remove all existing file permissions on the drive and change them to the “everyone” group so it has full control on the drive.

  1. Right click on the portable drive letter
  2. Click properties
  3. On the properties window, select the security tab
  4. Click on “advanced” security and you will see a detailed permissions editor
  5. Remove all groups listed so there are no names listed
  6. Add the “everyone” group from the local computer
    • Note: in the locations box, you will need to select the local computer rather than a domain account
  7. Click on everyone and hit “edit” permissions
  8. Give everyone “full” control and save
  9. At the bottom of the screen, check the box that says, “replace all child objects”

These steps will ensure that your portable USB drive can be used across multiple computers which are part of different security groups.