Storm MAX Team Connect Suite
- Connect - BLAST - RoadTrip - STORM - STORM Remote - MAX

How to “Get Connected”

    1. Go to
    2. Click on the Get Connected icon
    3. Connect will then install on your computer
    4. Choose to either login to your Editor or to BLAST
    5. Follow the login steps
Accessing Editor

  1. Select your editor
  2. Enter the login you select when opening your editor
  3. Enter the IP address of your main data server
  4. Enter the IP addresses of all your video servers
  5. Enter the main data server use account. This is the SA login
  6. Click “Demo” to simply view how Connect can work for you

Accessing BLAST

  1. Enter the login you use for BLAST on your computer.
    Need a blast account?
    (256) 270-1163
For Game Day

  • Change the IP address on both lines to (or type the work localhost)
  • For XOS: You will need to add as a video server
  • For DVSport: Just add your c:\dvsmedia drive

You can now push any content through Connect

    1. Drop video into the My Computer tab to convert any video for your use. Once loaded click ‘Convert’ to make your video into a suitable format for the iPad or for your Editor. This allows you then simply drop video directly on an iPad via iTunes.
    2. Pushing your content to BLAST allows your content to be viewed on any Mac, PC or iPad by coaches, players or staff.

How to load video directly to your iPad

  1. Open iTunes and connect your iPad to your computer
  2. Once connected, select your iPad in iTunes
  3. After you select your iPad click the apps tab for your iPad (middle of the iTunes screen)
  4. Once you have the apps tab open select RoadTrip under the Apps box
  5. Drag the video you want to load into the Documents box – video will copy to your iPad as soon as you drag it over