Storm MAX Team Connect Suite
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How to Make a Playbook

    1. Go to
    2. Click on the Get Connected icon
    3. Connect will then install on your computer
    4. Open Connect
    5. Login to your Editor and to your BLAST account
    6. Follow the login steps

Accessing Editor

      1. Select your Editor
      2. Enter the login you select when opening your Editor
      3. Enter the IP address of your main data server
      4. Enter the IP addresses of all your video servers
      5. Enter the main data server use account. This is the SA login

Accessing BLAST

    1. Enter the login you use for BLAST on your computer
      Need a BLAST account?
      (256) 270- 1163
  1. After you login, click the Playbooks tab
  2. Click new Playbook
    1. Type your Playbook name
    2. Set up your access parameters
      • Enabled access
      • Set your expiration date
    3. Add users and groups
      • Add users you would like to have access to your Playbook/documents
    4. Click done
  3. Drop your file onto Connect – any PDF, Powerpoint, Word, Visio or any other office document
  4. Once your Playbook has been created you can add, move and delete pages

How to add administrative notes, bookmarks, and edits: Click on the Playbook page where you want to add a note or bookmark. Choose your selection.

  • For notes, a notes page will appear – type your note and click ok.
  • For bookmarks, you will be prompted to name your bookmark, along with choosing the color

Edits: Make sure you have an edit that it ready on the left side of connect. Click the Playbook page then add edit. The edit will convert and be added to that page.