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What Is STORM?

DragonFly STORM is the most advanced exchange solution in the market, revolutionizing the way
universities execute video exchange. It allows universities the ability to stay connected and easily receive
Game Day video in a quick, secure and efficient way.


STORM Remote

The new STORM Remote has officially launched. To learn more, click here.



It is our promise that your video is always secure. It is never loaded on any third party server and goes directly from your computer to its destination. You always control whom you film is sent to and at what time it is sent.



You can exchange with Conference and Non-Conference teams. The other school does not have to have DragonFly STORM, allowing you to stay connected with all of your opponents throughout the season. STORM works with any video (DV25, DVD, MXF) and any editing system.



Using DragonFly STORM to exchange film means you will get your video right after the game is over. No more tape exchange, courier runs or 5am pickups.


Saves Money

Eliminate shipping costs associated with film exchange saving thousands of dollars each year.


STORM can also be integrated with BLAST and RoadTrip, allowing your team to stay connected through all DragonFly platforms.


STORM Basics Videos

“Installing STORM” 

“Create, Send, Download Lockers”

“Exporting and Converting” 

“Permissions and Invitations”