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What is Connect?

Keep your entire team connected with DragonFly Connect. This free and simple conversion tool gives you the ability to convert any content to a suitable format needed for your team. Connect also allows you to have full integration with all files, documents, video and editing systems like DVSport, XOS and BATS. With this full integration you now have full control and customization of your work.


New to Connect

Copy Pages: You can now copy individual pages from one Playbook to another. This eliminates having to upload pages that already exist within other Playbooks.

Send Individual Plays: When sending an edit to a Playbook or to BLAST, you will now be prompted whether to send the entire edit or to select particular plays within that edit to send.

DragonFly Connect Player

DragonFly Connect Player Information


The Five Levels
of Connect

1. Convert any video type for your use including:

  • Importing from Youtube, Flash, .mov, 3gp, mts, and other common consumer formats

2. Connect to your Coaches’ Editing Network to easily convert and view any edit to the form of your choice.
3. Connect to your local travel laptop editor on Game Day. Additionally convert all your edits twice as fast using the Max Speed Option to MP4, iPad, AVI or any other format – making it an efficient and quick way to get video to your coach after the game

If you are using DragonFly BLAST, RoadTrip and Playbook, there are a couple other ways Connect benefits you:
Push any video or edit to your “cloud”. You can access the “cloud” in BLAST and RoadTrip giving you the opportunity to quickly push content to the staff whether you are on the road or at the office. Additionally, watch your edit right from the DragonFly Connect Player.
5. Create and manage your team’s Playbooks with ease. Add, move and delete pages, integrate video and personalize your Playbooks with your team’s branding package. Connect allows you to do all of the work in one place and send Playbooks to the team at anytime.


Create, Move and Rename your BLAST folder structure right from Connect. In addition, you can add new users and groups in Connect – allowing you to centrally manage user permissions from one location.



HOT folders let you centrally manage the video on your team’s iPads from DragonFly Connect. You can now control exactly what video should be automatically downloaded for offline viewing on each user’s iPad, day-by-day or week-by-week.


Easily create and manage all of your Plabook content.

  1. Rearrange, add and delete pages without uploading a completely new Playbook
  2. Add administration notes and bookmarks for your entire team to utilize
  3. Add video clips to your Playbooks
  4. Drop any Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Visio or PDF document no need to save your Playbook as a PDF before loading it to your iPad
  5. Push content to automatically download to your team’s iPads

Converts the following formats and editor systems:


Title slides included in any edit pushed to BLAST
Max Speed Option vs. Max Quality Option

    • DragonFly has two speed options when converting video to the various MP4 video formats. When converting to 720p or 1080i, you will typically want to use the Max Quality option as these formats have strict requirements on GOP size and placement, which cannot be met with the Max Speed settings.


  • Max Speed converts video twice as fast as Max Quality but makes certain trade-offs to achieve this speed. These trade-offs have little impact when converting to iPad or generic MP4 formats so you will see little if no quality change.
  • Quick checklist:
    • MAX Speed: Best for iPad and MP4 formats
    • MAX Quality: Best for 720p and 1080i formats