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The STORM Remote allows you to control STORM from any mobile device.

STORM Remote iPad

To use the STORM Remote, go to You will be prompted to then log-in to your STORM Network, then choose your STORM computer. Once you have logged in, you now have the ability to control your STORM Network from virtually anywhere. The four tabs are how you will navigate through the STORM Remote: Lockers, Downloads, Transfer, and Network. Below is a quick description of each section:

  • Lockers: View all of your Lockers in your STORM Network. You can also choose what Sport you would like to view if you control more than one in your Network. Lastly, this is where you will be able to “Send, Convert, Export and see the History” of Lockers.
  • Downloads: View all of the Downloads within your Network. Additionally, you can “Convert & Export”.
  • Transfers: View all of the Transfers within your Network and their details.
  • Network: View the Lockers of other Universities. This is where you will be able to “Invite and set-up Permissions” for exchanging video.

Click Here to Watch an Introduction Video for the STORM Remote


Some FAQs

1. Is the STORM Remote an App?
The STORM Remote is an HTML. To get to the STORM Remote, simply open your browser and type:

2. What devices does the STORM Remote work on?
The STORM Remote works on the iPhone, Windows Phones, Androids, Blackberries, iPads and other Tablets, Laptops

3. What web browsers does the STORM Remote work on?
You can access the STORM Remote from any computer’s web browser. Simply open your browser and type

4. Can I put the STORM Remote on the Home Page of my Mobile Devices?
Yes, you can “Pin” the webpage to the Home Page on your Mobile Device. Below are some instructions:

For an iPhone/iPad:

  1. Open the STORM Remote link in your web browser (
  2. Click the button in the bottom center of the screen (Button is a square with an arrow)
  3. Select “Add to Home Screen”.

For a Windows Phone:

  1. Open the STORM Remote link in your web browser (
  2. Tap the 3 dots in the lower right to bring up your options
  3. Select “Pin to Start”

For an Android:

  1. Bookmark the STORM Remote link in your Android browser (
  2. Touch & hold the screen until a list of options appears, which should include adding apps, widgets, or a shortcut to your screen
  3. Click that option and in the list your should see “Bookmark” or similar
  4. Press and drag the Bookmark where you want it on your screen
  5. You will be asked which Bookmark you want. Select the Bookmark you made for the STORM Remote.

5. Does my STORM Computer have to be on?
Yes and No. To simply view your Lockers, History, Set Permission, Send Invitations, Transfers and Downloads your STORM Computer does not have to be on. However, if you want to use the features like “Send, Download, Convert and Export” you will need your STORM Computer up and running.

6. Do I need to set up My Network?
No. There is no additional Network set-up required to use the STORM Remote. Both STORM and the STORM Remote interact with each other via the DragonFly STORM website.

7. How do “Conversions and Exports” work on the STORM Remote?
When using the Convert and Export functions on the STORM Remote, you must first set up your Paths of where you want to save the Lockers. In STORM, go to Options and Settings and then Set Paths. From there, you will select where you want your conversions and exports saved. When you convert or export from the STORM Remote, they will be saved in that selected location within separate folders for easy navigation and organization.