Storm MAX Team Connect Suite
- Connect - BLAST - RoadTrip - STORM - STORM Remote - MAX

Accessing roadtrip

  1. Go to the Apple App Store
  2. Search for “DragonFly RoadTrip”
  3. Click Install
  4. RoadTrip will then install on your iPad
  5. Enter your username and password (same as BLAST)

Downloading/Watching Video

  1. To download video, tap BLAST on the Wall
  2. Your available video will appear as it would on the BLAST website
  3. Select the video you want – you may stream video or download it your iPad
  4. Any video that you download will appear on your Wall

Using RoadTrip Controls

  1. The controls on the right move the video forward
  2. The controls on the left move the video backwards
    • There are three speeds for each control
  3. Double tap the screen to begin drawing on the video.
    This tool will be on the right side of the screen.
    Click the drawing tool to change colors.
  4. To delete a drawing, tap the waste basket in the bottom right
  5. Press and hold the camera button in the top right to share a screen capture via email
    • If you click the camera your screenshot will be saved to your photos on your iPad
  6. To stop drawing double tap the screen
  7. Swipe across the screen to move from play to play or simply click the arrows in the top left and right

Meetings with RoadTrip

  1. Purchase an HDMI dongle cord. By hooking this cord into your iPad and projector you’re now able to project your iPad onto the screen.
  2. IOS5 on the iPad 2 &. 3 supports Airplay. Run a meeting wirelessly with anything on your ipad. It can also be shown on a TV screen.