Storm MAX Team Connect Suite
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How to Load Video to iPad

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Get Connected icon
  3. Connect will then install on your computer
  4. Open Connect (Note: you will NOT need to login on the right side of the Connect page)
  5. You can now push any content through Connect

Instructions on how to convert video files

  1. Drop your video into the “My Computer” tab to convert. Once loaded click convert to make your video into a suitable format for the iPad.
  2. Once you click convert this screen will appear. Choose the iPad button and then the 1.5 Mbit option, along with default max speed. Save the video file to a location on your computer.
CONNECT Instructions iPad Local1
CONNECT Instructions iPad Local2

How to Load Video Manually to your iPad

  1. Open iTunes and connect your iPad to your computer
  2. Once connected, select your iPad in iTunes
  3. After you select your iPad click the apps tab for your iPad (middle of the iTunes screen)
  4. Once you have the Apps tab open select roadtrip under the Apps box
  5. Drag the converted video you want to load into the documents box – video will copy to your iPad as soon as you drag it over