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What is Playbook?

Within RoadTrip is a section where you can house your Playbooks and other documents. The Playbook is a
place where teams can streamline all of their content in one location. Coaches can easily connect with their
players through the push of a button sending information directly to the player’s iPads. Upload any Playbook
or document that meets your team’s needs.

New Features

  • Take snapshot of a playbook page with your notes added and send that page to other individuals or groups on your team.
  • Quickly review unread snapshots within RoadTrip and reply with your own notes at the click of a button.
  • You can now copy individual pages from one Playbook to another – eliminating having to upload pages that already exist within other Playbooks.
  • When sending video to a Playbook or BLAST, you can now choose whether to send the entire edit or just individual plays.
  • There are now alphabetical note and video indexes for the Playbook. These additions are located where the page and bookmark index currently resides.

Snapshot Image



Fully customize your Playbooks with your logo, opponents logos, images and differing color schemes.



Integrate your video clips from games directly to your Playbook pages, choosing to send an entire edit or just individual plays to the Playbook or BLAST. By integrating video directly to your Playbook pages, you are able to show examples from past games or practice that coordinate with each play you are reviewing.


& Drawing

Coaches and players can write and draw on their Playbooks. One key feature is the drawings and notes you make are saved directly to the server, so your team will always have their personal notes within the active Playbook for the week.



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When you push content to all of the iPad’s there is no need to download any content, everything automatically downloads to the device.



You can bookmark any page giving you the ability to quickly jump from pages that you referenced. You can also create and move bookmarks when they are created directly on the iPad.