Storm MAX Team Connect Suite
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RoadTrip is an iPad-based application allowing your team to have secure mobile access to your video. Coaches, players and staff can easily view film immediately post-game, which allows them to get ahead in preparation for the next game. A key feature within RoadTrip is the ability to have offline capabilities allowing your team to watch film in locations without Internet access. The RoadTrip application works on the iPad and iPad Mini.


NEW for RoadTrip

“Telestration Auto-Erase” Feature: After you pause and telestrate on your video, RoadTrip will now automatically erase your drawings as the video begins to play again, helping assist telestration during meetings and film review.


DragonFly is now introducing a bluetooth remote that is compatible with RoadTrip. Over the past year, we have had a lot of requests for a bluetooth remote and after some testing, we have found a remote that works best with the DragonFly RoadTrip system – the ikan Elite Remote. This remote will enhance your viewing and scrubbing experience on the iPad making it very similar to other professional editing remote experiences. Click the link for instructions on how to set-up and use this Remote with RoadTrip: ikan Elite Remote Guide



Send Media
to Others

Telestrate and send picture snapshots of your video to key members of your team right from RoadTrip.


Play Data

Integrates play data viewing with the data coming straight from your editor to easily navigate from play to play.


Blast Access

Access your BLAST account right from your iPad for quick downloads.


Playbook Expansion

The Playbook is a place where teams can streamline all of their content in one location.



Advanced scrubbing controls allow you to review and navigate through video quickly and efficiently. Along with the traditional timeline, RoadTrip features a sliding thumb rate control and toggle buttons to support precision video navigation.



HOT folders let you centrally manage the video on your team’s iPads from DragonFly Connect. You can now control exactly what video should be automatically downloaded for offline viewing on each user’s iPad, day-by-day or week-by-week.



The updated WALL lets you group, sort and manage your videos and provides better previews of your videos and Playbooks. Edits downloaded from BLAST are automatically grouped by folder, meaning no more confusion with videos having the same file name.